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CEO's greeting

We don't carry the cargo,
We carry the World!

Thank you for visiting World Best Logistics’ website.

We don't carry the cargo, We carry the World!

I’m Kim Yeon-jun, CEO of World Best Logistics. We carry the World!

  • Based on our rich professional human resources and stable logistics system in
    all areas of logistics such as sea transportation, air transportation,
    inland transportation, bulk transportation, and inter-country logistics, which are the basics of logistics,
    we at World Best are always doing our best to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Since we founded our headquarters in Korea in 2010,
    we have established branches in Myanmar, Vietnam, philippines, and China.
    We are currently planning to establish branches in India,
    and World Best is continuously growing as a global logistics company.
  • The engine of our future growth is “precious relationship with our customers”.
    We will pioneer a new world of business together with our customers.
  • The collaboration we experienced based on unshakable trust and sincere communication,
    and the endless challenges of all our members for progressive innovation
    have become a true source of our international competitiveness.
  • Our business is in a strong and sustainable position in this time of increasing global complexity,
    so I honestly believe that this is a clear basis for our strong belief that this will surely enable us
    to foster shared growth with our esteemed customers around the world.
  • World Best Logistics is doing its best to create the best logistics innovation,
    strengthening price competitiveness, and training logistics specialists.
  • We are where customers have been, and will be in the future!
  • World Best Logistics will always be with our customers to faithfully fulfill our role as a partner
    for customer value creation and success.
  • Thank you.
  • CEO Kim Yeon-jun