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We are developing and discovering new products in line with trends and hosting Korean e-commerce brands.

Online channel

In addition to open markets, general malls, and social commerce, we sell products that meet the needs of our customers at the lowest prices on various open platforms we operate.

Welfare/Closed-type mall

We operate an agency business for hosting/managing shopping malls for the welfare of
employees of large corporations and closed-type shopping malls where people can purchase
products with points of credit card company members.

Overseas direct purchase (purchase agency)

Overseas direct purchase means that Korean consumers directly purchase (import) goods on foreign online shopping malls, and is categorized into direct delivery, delivery agency, and purchasing
agency depending on the type of transaction. Our e-commerce team provide overseas direct purchase service as a purchasing agent so that Korean consumers can easily purchase products through
various online channels, such as foreign on-line shopping malls.

Overseas direct purchasing process