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Export voucher

Items that can be settled with an export voucher
Incoterms C condition D condition
Sea fare (O/F), air fare (A/F), fuel surcharge (BAF, LSS, etc.)
Local inland transportation fee (limited to full service of the shipping company)
Insurance premium
Items that cannot be settled with an export voucher
Surcharges other than fuel surcharges (WRS, CAF, PSS, etc.)
Domestic inland transportation fee terminal costs (THC, wharfage, etc.)
Local cost in the destination
Document fee, handling charge, etc.
* The other charges above need to be billed with a separate quote

Voucher redemption procedure

Sign a contract
1. Request for service A participating “purchases” the service
2. Service accepted The implementing agency accepts the request
3. Service request acceptance is confirmed The participating company signs.
Proceeds with the service
1. Request to amend the contract Request for contract change from the implementing agency
2. Amended contract is approved Approval of contract amendment by the participating company
Execution completion and settlement request
1. Request for confirmation of completion of execution Completion of service by the implementing agency
2. Confirmation of completion
3. Request for settlement (request for inspection)

Export support base utilization project

  • Fostering green leading companies
  • Global support for mid-sized companies
  • Fostering leading companies in materials, parts, equipment manufacturing
  • Fostering leading consumer goods companies
  • Support for companies focusing on the domestic market
  • Support for start-up export companies
  • Support for promising export companies
  • Support for growing export companies
  • Support for small export hidden champions
  • Gyeonggi Province Export Support Project for global hit product companies
  • Gwangju Metropolitan City Enterprise Customized Export Success Package Support Project
  • Chungcheongbuk Province Export Creation Company Voucher / Agricultural Plant Export Voucher
  • (Ministry of Industry) Export voucher for logistics
  • (Small and Medium Business Administration) Export voucher for logistics (general logisticssupport)
  • (Small and Medium Business Administration) Export voucher for logistics (support for long-term logistics contracts)